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By Kids/Teens

Poppitz the Flying Frog by Leizelle Guinness
Mr. Coconut (illustration detail) by Joshua Wong (16 years old)
The Adventures of Mr. Coconut (fiction) by Akeile Benjamin (10 years old)
The Legend of the Sea Lords (fiction) by Vega Armstrong (10 years old)
The Plunge Pool (illustration detail) by Jolie Wong (15 years old)

Contributions by the Young at Heart


• Adannaya's Sugar by Carmen Milagros Torres
• Jumbie Child by Kheryn Casey
• The Go-Cart by Josh Hem Lee


• A Heart for the Caribbean - Floella Benjamin Talks to Summer Edward (Interview Part 1)
• Big Kids Wear Clothes - Interview with Olive Senior, author of Birthday Suit
• Floella Benjamin - Changing the Perception of the Caribbean Through Children's Literature (Interview Part 2)
"Many Grains Make a Beach" - Interview with Mario Picayo, Publisher/Author


• Illustrations from Drummer Boy of John John by Featured Artist, Frané Lessac
Illustrations from Poppitz: The Frog Who Flew by Featured Artist, Leizelle Guinness
Adannaya and the Spider (detail) by Carmen Milagros Torres

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