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by Summer Edward

Last year I started counting and listing books. I was interested in finding out how many Caribbean children's and young adult (YA) titles are published in the English language in a given year. Below, you'll find the updated 2011 list which originally appeared on Fledgling, the blog of New York-based writer/educator, Zetta Elliott and a list of books published in 2012 to date.

According to my updated list, 57 English-language Caribbean children’s and young adult books were published or self-published in 2011. Of those books, 7 titles were reissues and over 50% were self-published. Of the 20 books published by publishing houses, most were published by publishing houses located outside the Caribbean. Also, of all the books published in 2011, only 5 were YA books.

And what do the publication stats for Caribbean children's and YA literature look like in 2012? Well, we've entered the month of December and as far as I know, 40 English-language titles have been published or self-published so far this year. Like in 2011, self-published books are outnumbering house-published titles, but note the drop in self-published titles. And also similar to what we saw in 2011, YA titles come in low on the register (only one YA title published in 2012 so far.) Take a look at the lists and please let me know if I’ve left out a title.

In some cases details like the publisher or the type of book are unknown. If a title is missing a hyperlink it is because no links to the book on the Internet was found. Reissued titles are indicated by an asterix (*)

Note: BB- Board Book. PB- Picturebook. YA- Young Adult novel. MG- Middle Grade novel.

Caribbean Children’s and Young Adult Books Published in 2012  

Published by Publishing Houses: 

1. Abraham’s Treasure by Joanne Skerrett (Papillotte Press; March/YA)
2. Birthday Suit by Olive Senior (Annick Press; Janurary/PB)
3. Irie Morning by Alison Moss-Solomon (Blue Moon Publishing; PB)
4. Drummer Boy of John John by Mark Greenwood (Lee and Low Books; October/PB)
5. Four Wishes for Robbie by Pablo Picayo (Editorial Campana/Little Bell Caribbean; June/PB)
6. Moko Jumbi Dreams by Alscess Lewis-Brown (Editorial Campana/Little Bell Caribbean; July/PB)
7. Promise of the Pomegranate by Alscess Lewis-Brown (Editorial Campana/Little Bell Caribbean; July/MG)
8. Songs in the Shade of the Flamboyant Tree: French Creole Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes by Chantal Grosleziat (The Secret Mountain; June/PB)
9. The Lesson Box by Tergenza Roach (Editorial Campana/Little Bell Caribbean; April/PB)
10. The Wild Book by Margarita Engle (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; March/MG)
11. Lightkeepers to the Rescue! by Marisa de Jesus Paolicelli (A Caribbean Experience Con Amor, LLC; October/PB)
12. I Came from the Water: One Haitian Boy's Incredible Tale of Survival by Vanita Oelschlager (Vanita Books; Sept/PB)
13. Every Little Thing by Cedella Marley (Chronicle Books; Sept/BB)
14. Lion Paw and Oliver: An Unlikely Friendship by Heidi Fagerberg (Caribbean Reads Publishing; April/PB)
15. Remember When by Heidi Fagerberg (Caribbean Reads Publishing; Dec/PB)
16. I Am the Virgin Islands by Tiphanie Yanique (Editorial Campana/Little Bell Caribbean; December/PB)

Published by Organizations:

1. Daddy and I Explore…The Caves! by David Chapman (Sunray Publishing; Nov/PB)


1. Amara Para Carnival Fete by H. Aitoro
2. Coconut Dreams by Jonathan De la Rosa
3. Daniel and the Jumbies by Julia Coffey Santella (Palm Tree Peace Press;March/MG)
4. Flash (ebook) by Helen Williams
5. Grandpa Take me to T&T by Khamini Leston (PB)
6. I Love the Skin I am In! by Mayma Raphael (Mom Publishing;June/PB)
7. Little Foot Meets Gretchen by Elaine Elizabeth Opel/Taylor (CreateSpace;May)
8. Merilla City: The Mystic Garden by T.T. Handfield (Trafford Publishing;March/PB)
9. Tales From The Pine Forest by Christine L. Ramoutar (iUniverse; January/PB)
10. The Big Bad Rain Monster by Jeralyn Lash-Sands (CreateSpace; February/PB)
11. The Journeys of Tati: A Caribbean-American Girl by Tanya N. Ragbeer
12. Tommy by Paola Henderson (Henderson Give Life Foundation; January/PB)
13. The Perfect Shell by Joanne-Mason (Comet Systems;PB)
14. The Big Shake by Lucy Bromer (PB)
15. Story Time by Maureen Rampertab (September/PB)
16. Butterflies in Paradise by Maureen Rampertab (May/PB)
17. Project Climate Save by Petre Williams-Raynor (June)
18. Byron B’s Book of Children’s Poetry by Byron Braithwaite (Sept)
19. Little Red Riding Hood by Adam Walters (Infinity Publishing; June/PB)
20. Seascapes by Carol Ottley-Mitchell (Caribbean Reads Publishing; Dec/PB)
21. Chee Chee in Paradise by Carol Ottley-Mitchell (Caribbean Reads Publishing; Feb/PB)
22. Chee Chee's Big Plan by Carol Ottley-Mitchell (Caribbean Reads Publishing; May/PB)
23. Chee Chee's Lost Paradise by Carol Ottley-Mitchell (Caribbean Reads Publishing; Oct/PB)

Caribbean Children’s and Young Adult Books Published in 2011

Published by Publishing Houses: 

1. Good-bye, Havana! Hola, New York! by Edie Colon (Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books; August/PB)
2. Alicia Alonso: Prima Ballerina by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand (Marshall Cavendish Corp/Ccb ; September/PB)
3. One Love by Cedella Marley (Chronicle Books; September/PB)
4. Stir It Up! by Ramin Ganeshram (Scholastic; August /YA)
5. Bouki Cuts Wood: A Haitian Folktale by Amanda St. John (Child’s World; August/PB)
6. Marijuanaman by Ziggy Marley (Image Comics; May/YA)
7. Boy Boy and the Magic Drum by Machel Montano (DIP Publishing; January/PB)
8. Minding Ben by Victoria Brown (Voice; April/YA)
9. Island Princess in Brooklyn by Diane Browne (Carlong Publishers; August/MG/YA)
10. The Cloud with the Silver Lining* by C. Everard Palmer (Macmillan Caribbean; October/MG)
11. My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson* by C. Everard Palmer (Macmillan Caribbean; October/MG)
12. A Cow Called Boy* by C. Everard Palmer (Macmillan Caribbean; October/MG)
13. Riot* by Andrew Salkey (Peepal Tree Press; May/MG)
14. Earthquake* by Andrew Salkey (Peepal Tree Press; May/MG)
15. Drought* by Andrew Salkey (Peepal Tree Press; May/MG)
16. Hurricane* by Andrew Salkey (Peepal Tree Press; May/MG)
17. Hoping for a Hurricane by Phillis Gershator (Editorial Campana/Little Bell Caribbean; PB)
18. Where is Paco Now?/Donde esta Paco ahora? (Editorial Campana/Little Bell Caribbean; December/PB)
19. Sea of Tears by Floella Benjamin (Frances Lincoln Children's Books; October/YA)
20. Tails from the Ark by Roberta Simpson (Carpenter’s Son Publishing; September/PB)

Published by Organizations:

1. The Discovery by Grace Nichols (Guyana Book Foundation; September/PB)
2. All the Joy in the World by Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette (Rotary Club of Grand Caman Sunrise; March/PB)
3. Daddy and I Explore…The Farm! by David Chapman (Sunray Publishing; April/PB)
4. Waldorf, the Water Drop: The Story of Water Pollution by Pamela O’Toole (Guyana Book Foundation; September/PB)
5. Bri and Luk: Friends In Times of Changing Climates (Future Centre Trust; January/PB)


1. The CP Superheroes of the Cayman Islands by Vinnette Mae Glidden (Caribbean Pirate Ltd; October/PB)
2. Island Girl by Khara Jhanielle Campbell (CreateSpace; June/PB)
3. Spooky Nights on the Island by Beverly E. Dyer-Groves (AuthorHouse; June)
4. Ping Pong by June Stoute (Wordways Caribbean; September/PB)
5. Sweet Dreams: El Yunque Dreams by Jo Anne Valle (CreateSace; May/PB)
6. Trapped in Dunston’s Cave (Caribbean Adventure Series) by Carol Mitchell (Caribbean Reads Publishing; June/MG)
7. Grommit– My Life and Times by Andy Campbell (Bob & Chris Books for Children; March/PB)
8. Squirrel Coconuts by Andy Campbell (Bob & Chris Books for Children; March/PB)
9. To Patos and Back by Andy Capbell (Bob & Chris Books for Children; March/PB)
10. The Reggae Band Rescues Mama Edda Leatherback by Jana Bent (Reggae Pickney; September/PB)
11. Why the Turtle and the Snail Carried Their Houses on Their Backs by Marilyn Laing (AuthorHouse; April/PB)
12. Kaa Kaa & Tokyo in Babysittin’ ‘Lil Kelly by Rabia Abdul Akim (ContessaBlack Entertainment; July/PB)
13. We Are Free: A Story About the Origin of the Garinagu by Ingrid and Ibo Cayetano (July/PB)
14. Sweet Jamaican Summertime at Grandma’s by Angela Brent-Harris (Xlibiris; May/PB)
15. The Night Nopat Was Left Out by Lynette Noel (AuthorHouse; February)
16. Money Basics for Kids: Financial Literacy for Children by Sharryn Dawson (Money Basics for Kids/PB)
17. Marcus and the Amazons by Geoffrey Philp (Mabrak; August/MG)
18. I Find It So Hard! by Rosheena Beek (PB)
19. Who is Smarter Than Galiber Guess? by Anthea Bousquet (Maryli Publisher; April/MG)
20. Bahamian Lyrical Tales by Kirkland “KB” Bodie (Media Unlimited)
21. Satchi and Little Star by Donna Seim (Jetty House; August/PB)
22. The Adventures of Lisbeth by Liesel F. Daisley (AuthorHouse; August/PB)
23. The Magic Cave by Aarti Gosine (AuthorHouse; January/MG)
24. Trixy the Monkey That Ate Nevis by Jo-Anne Mason (Comet Systems; PB)
25. Trixie Triangle by Kellie Magnus (Jack Mandora/Media Magic;BB)
26. A Book for Baby by Kellie Magnus (Jack Mandora/Media Magic;BB)
27. The Tale of the Forest Guardians by Ryan James (Paria Publishing;PB)
28. Marlee and the Diamond Earring by Diana Ward (Neilson;Dec/PB)
29. The Adventures of Santeh Angum: Kayaking in Carriacou Tyrell Bay Mangrove by Joyce Ache Gana (Tate Publishing & Enterprises; December)
30. My Caribbean: A Touch & Feel Book by Kathyrn Hosein (Paria Publishing;PB)
31. More Adventures in the Magic Cave by Aarti Gosine (JAV Publishing; November/MG)
32. How Haitians Play Basketball by Travis Mushett (TorchRunner Press; Sept/PB)

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    Thank you for the information. You always keep us updated. Carmen Milagros Torres

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    You're welcome Carmen! We're going to update the list soon since the year is now drawing to an end. Stay tuned :)

  4. Thanks for the mention, Summer.

    If only I hadn't hit a few snags....I have a new children's book coming out on December 17, 2012. The Christmas Dutch Pot Baby...working away on the illustrations, which so far are gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas, Summer!

  5. Anansesem says:

    Hi Geoffrey- you're most welcome. For Christmas Dutch Pot Baby, just let me know the publisher and I'll add that to the list as well.

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