Advertisements in Anansesem are the best way to reach a loyal and active readership of children's and young adult enthusiasts, as well as serious children's poets, writers and illustrators. Our readers live in all Caribbean territories, throughout the United States, as well as overseas.

Our audience trusts our editorial content and looks to it, and to relevant advertising, for information and guidance on Caribbean children's and young adult publishing. We are the major hub for this market, and a sought destination for those interested in multicultural books for young readers.

Anansesem readers are a dedicated, highly literate, and international group who actually buy the books reviewed and advertised in the magazine.

Our site is also an excellent vehicle for educational opportunities, children's/YA book and arts festivals, bookstores, associations, conferences, travel and other products and services aimed at the informed and engaged reader of books for young people.

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We offer effective, low cost website advertising solutions that enable advertisers to place their display (image) ads on our site in various key locations. Our website supports many ad media types including gif, jpg and png images, rich media (HTML), JavaScript and SWF Flash. You have the option of displaying your ads on every page of our site or on a single page. Place your business message in front of the world.

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The full details about our program are outlined below. Join The Anansesem Advertising Program today! We can also answer any technical support questions you might have. Please contact the following email address to secure an ad placement:


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