Anansi Rises

by Maggie Harris

So, yuh think yuh squash me?
So yuh think I dead?!
Yuh shoulda know de spiderman have nuff dread pon his head!
Yuh squash me but I slide
Yuh mash me but I glide
For spider always rises like Atlantic Ocean tide.

He rise up through de gutter
He rise up through de drain
He rise up through de bathroom plug
He parachute in de rain
He polevault on yuh shoelaces
He swim in yuh lemonade
As soon as yuh think Anansi gone
He rising up again!

So watch it dere Miss Muffet
Watch it dere my dear
Anansi is invincible, he’s Spiderman de Great!

About the Author

Maggie Harris, born in Guyana, has published five collections of poetry, a memoir, short stories, and recorded 2 CDs of performance poetry including Anansi meets Miss Muffet, for children. Her first collection, Limbolands, won the Guyana Prize for Literature, and her latest collection is After a Visit to a Botanical Garden (Cane Arrow Press) More of her work can be viewed at

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