by Che Blackman

As I walk along
de streets of my country
I see aged old people
in bruggadung houses
adorned in agony
living with withering hopes
cause dem can’ get nutten
you should see how dem got to beg
fuh de dollar
to provide fuh dem belly
you should see how dem dress up
in cloth, bow-tie and kingly rags
you should see how dem look
face wrinkle up like raisin in bread
smelling how dem smell
real nasty like dem neva bathe in weeks
you should hear how dem holla out
how dem grumble, groan and cuss
‘bout man’s inhumanity to man
so dat is why I ain’t want to be like dem
I tekking me education serious,
mekking no sport
studying hard
cause poverty ain’t no joke.


About the author...

Che Blackman is a 17 year old (16 years at time of submission) aspiring poet who "writes poetry when he has something to say." In his spare time he likes to play chess, soccer, video games and shows his wild side messing around in the kitchen and garden. A former student of the Coleridge & Parry Secondary School (Barbados), Che will be pursuing an associates degree in Biology and Information Technology at the Barbados Community College in September 2010. He enjoys reading books by Eric Jerome Dicky, Zane, J.K Rowling and Roald Dahl. He also enjoys reading "chick lit" by English authors.

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