September 2010— Inaugural Issue

Diego Dish and Carlotta Spoon by Annalee Davis
By Kids/Teens

Bajan Market by Che Blackman (16 years old)
Don't Get to Me by Che Blackman
Poverty by Che Blackman

Contributions by the Young at Heart


Anansi and the Cou Cou Stick by Sandra Sealy
Joshua and the Eggs Shells by Nerissa Golden
Mama and Me on Montserrat by Jan Bester
Mama and Me on Montserrat: The Volcano by Jan Bester
Wings by Irma Rambaran

Anansi Rises by Maggie Harris
Cool Rainforest Rain by Maggie Harris
Flying Fish by Carol-Ann Hoyte
Skipping Poem by Maggie Harris
Who Frighten? by Maggie Harris


Literary Critics in Aruba Rave Talent, Mourn Guidance by Anouska Kock
Papiamento Children’s Books Pose a Challenge in the Dutch Caribbean by Anouska Kock
Review of 'A Caribbean Journey from A to Y (Read and Discover What Happened to the Z)' by Summer Edward


Illustrations from Diego Dish and Carlotta Spoon
by Featured Illustrator, Annalee Davis
Editorial illustrations for Mama and Me in Montserrat by Jan Bester
Editorial illustrations for Mama and Me in Montserrat: The Volcano by Jan Bester

Guests From Around the World

Making Dew
by Jim Wasserman (fiction)

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Anansesem is an online magazine of Caribbean children's and young adult literature by adults and children. We strive to bring you the best in news, reviews and creative content from the world of Caribbean children's publishing.
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  1. Love ur new emag. All the work. But especially adore "Bajan Market" by Che Black/Man. Luv it, yah!

  2. Thank you for allowing me to share my "Mama & Me On Montserrat" stories in Anansesem's first issue. I've enjoyed reading everyone's contributions and look forward to many more creative works in the coming editions.

  3. Enjoyable read...especially

    Wings and Making Dew (my favourites)

    Also, Bajan Market, Anansi Rises, Skipping Poem, Who Frighten

  4. Thank you for letting me be part of the inaugural issue. I love the features (as well as the look)! I think your site is the perfect place for parents and kids to gather 'round the computer and share.

    I wish you a long, inspirational run!

  5. Making Dew is my favorite. What a great story! I love to see more story from this author.

  6. I love all the contributions, but Jan Bester's stories are my favourite. I do hope that anansesem goes from strength to strength.



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