December 2010 issue

I Thought by Brianna McCarthy
By Kids/Teens

Together We Can Do Anything (fiction) by Julian Hinkson (10 years old)
The Ghost in the Barnyard (fiction) by Andrew Mitchell (10 years old)
• Rudolph the Reindeer (illustration) by Shannon Bryan (6 years old)

Contributions by the Young at Heart


Dancing Bomba by Carmen Milagros Torres-Rivera
Miss Curly Red Top by Jan Bester
Yohan! by Floree Williams


Scenes from a Caribbean Childhood by Joanne C. Hillhouse
Sugarcane Dance by Summer Edward


Review of Carol Ottley-Mitchell's Caribbean Adventure Series by Summer Edward


Dancing Bomba by Erick Ortiz Gelpi
How the Crab Got A Crack on Its Back (set) by Michelle Alexander-Chin
I Knew, I Know, I Thought (set) by Brianna McCarthy
Miss Curly Red Top by Jan Bester

Guests From Around the World

Beaumont and the Moonflower by Michael Bazzett (fiction)

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      1. Anansesem,you have outdone yourself with this issue. I like all of the content, which was chosen carefully and is of a high standard. I especially love "Yohan" and "Sugarcane Dance". Great to see so many talented caribbean writers in one place. Keep up the good work.


      2. Still reading but love those two pieces as well. Love the cover art. Have to agree with anonymous.

      3. We're glad you're enjoying it!



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