The Ghost in the Barnyard

by Andrew Mitchell, 10 years old

Davy had just moved to England. His uncle died and his father decided that he and Davy would go to England to take care of the farm. His uncle had sheep, goats, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and an ox. Davy’s father loved animals and wanted to take care of them.

Davy had heard that a ghost was haunting the barnyard and wanted to see it. Because of that the animals were confused. The horses were mooing and the cows were neighing. The chickens were quacking and the ducks were clucking. The goats were oinking and the pigs were bleating. The town’s folk were afraid to come near the barn and so the farm was not making enough money.

Davy decided to try to see the ghost. One night he was very lucky. He heard the faint sound of the barn door opening. Davy could not believe what he saw. Right in front of him was a pale white figure with a pitch fork in its hands. The ghost kept looking around the barn as if it was looking for something. Davy hid behind the haystack afraid the ghost would hurt him. When the ghost passed, Davy ran into his bedroom.

“I never want to see a ghost again!” said Davy.

The next morning Davy told his father everything that had happened. His father wanted proof. He and Davy went to the barn that night. Suddenly the air turned cold and there was a high pitched scream. A familiar pale white face was looking through the window.

“This is the end of the world!” thought Davy.

Davy’s father looked at Davy helplessly.

The ghost spoke and said, “Do not be afraid for I have only come for something.”

“What?” Davy asked.

 “Well, I must milk a cow. If I do not, I cannot rest in peace,” he replied.

 “Why?” asked Davy’s father.

 “Because I must finish what I did not in order to rest in peace,” the ghost explained, "I was milking a cow when it kicked me and I died."

Davy asked the ghost, “Is that why all the cows are neighing and all the horses mooing?”

“Yes,” said the ghost, “Because I am here, dead but still alive.” 

“Okay, I will help you,” Davy replied.

Davy’s father and the ghost went into the barn. Davy got the milk bucket. The ghost got to work. It took half an hour before the bucket was full.

When it was full, the ghost turned to Davy and said, “Good bye, Davy,” and he disappeared into thin air.

Since that day, Davy and his father have never seen the ghost. All of the animals went back to normal and people started coming to buy at the farm again.


About the author...

Andrew Mitchell is originally from St. Kitts and now lives in Ghana. He is ten years old and attends Ghana International School. Andrew likes mystery and action books and books by Roald Dahl. Right now he is reading Artemious Fowl. He also enjoyed Harry Potter, the Percy Jackson series, Beast Quest, The Magician's Elephant and the Caribbean Adventure Series.

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