Together We Can Do Anything

by Julian Hinkson, 10 years old

One afternoon, Jo-Jo the elephant was sprinting up the hillside when he tripped and sprained his ankle. As he lay on the ground near the bottom of the hill, Jo-Jo hoped somebody would come by and notice him. Before he knew it, Jo-Jo had fallen asleep. While he was asleep, Jo-Jo dreamed he was at the top of the hill munching on some peanuts. Three hours later, Jo-Jo woke up and realized that he was still at the bottom of the hill waiting for someone to come help him.

When Jo-Jo opened his eyes, he noticed something on his trunk. His eyes crossed as he tried to get a better look at the small figure sitting at the top of his trunk right between his big, brown googley eyes. Finally, Jo-Jo realized that the small figure was an ant. What Jo-Jo didn't know is that while he was asleep, he rolled over and landed on a giant ant hill.

Jo-Jo asksed the ant, "Is there a good reason why you're sitting on my trunk?"

The ant replied, "Yes, a very good reason. You landed on my house."

“Well,” Jo-Jo said, "I sprained my ankle and I can't get up. If you carry me to the top of the hill, I can show you where there are lots of good crumbs to eat."

The ant liked the deal, and agreed to help Jo-Jo. The ant got underneath Jo-Jo's back and with his all might, tried to lift Jo-Jo up the hill. No matter how hard he tried, it was impossible for the ant to lift Jo-Jo.

Sixteen members of the ant's colony came to help him. All sixteen ants got underneath Jo-Jo's back and with all of their might, tried to lift Jo-Jo up the hill. Jo-Jo didn't budge. It seemed impossible to move him! Suddenly, the first ant had another idea. He decided to call all of the ants in his colony to come help them move Jo-Jo. If they all worked together, they were sure they could lift Jo-Jo to the top of the hill. Then, they would have all the crumbs to eat.

So, the whole colony of ants got underneath Jo-Jo's back and with all their might, they lifted Jo-Jo and carried him to the top of the hill. When they got to the top of the hill, everyone was smiling. Jo-Jo crawled to a huge mound of peanuts and the ants raced to a crumb utopia. And they all lived happily ever after.

This story about the elephant and the ants shows that if we all work together, we can accomplish more than a single person can imagine. But to make a difference everyone has to contribute his own piece of the puzzle. It's not going to be easy, but we can do anything with a little help!


About the author...

Julian Hinkson is ten years old with close family ties to St. Lucia. He loves to play soccer, enjoys drawing, especially cartoons, and aspires to become a claymation animator. He attends Hoffman-Boston Elementary School and his favourite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid (series) by Jeff Kinney, Alex Rider (series) by Anthony Horowitz, and Bud not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis.

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