Camot the Camera

by Grethel Joseph

Camot the camera had plans. For a very long time, he wanted to go on a trip to the Caribbean. 

He first saw the word ‘Caribbean’ when one day Tom placed a brochure in Camot’s carrying case. Camot was curious. He had to take a peek. This is how he discovered the word. Camot thought that it was funny. ‘Carib-bean’ (Carib-been) he said with a puzzled look on his face. “Now, what would that be?” 

The word which followed was even stranger. “is-lands” (Eez-lands), Carib-bean is-lands,” (Carib-been Eez-lands) he laughed. “Now who speaks like this?”

Camot had to find out the meaning of these funny words. So, he took up the brochure and looked in. Camot saw much more than he had expected. He was mesmerized. On the first page he saw a sun that was sunnier than he had ever seen, shining upon a beautiful beach. The water was a shimmering blue, and the sand glittered. Camot shivered with delight. Of all the beautiful photos that he had taken, he had never seen anything so majestic. 

“Aww’ exclaimed Camot. “Why is it that I did not know of such beauty?”

Then he turned the pages with even more curiosity. The cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush green forests went beyond his imagination. He felt relaxed and pictured himself swimming in the cool pool below after a long day. Camot imagined how he would zoom his lenses to capture the beauty of that landscape.

With each page that Camot turned, there was something even more intriguing. He even practiced a little dance on his tripod one day, after viewing a picture where a group of boys and girls were strumming on some steel pans. He had never heard that sound before but by the look of delight on their faces, Camot could tell that it was beautiful.

Now after going through all the pages, Camot noticed that above each page was a word. He concluded that each place had its own name. “But where in the world would that be?” He wondered. He did not have a clue. Camot was determined to find out but even more determined to go there.

Then one day, while out with Tom, Camot jumped. Tom’s conversation with his lady friend had sparked his interest. For once they were not talking about work, or shopping or that silly ceremony in the chapel. They were not even talking about getting new lenses for Camot for the ceremony. Camot had heard the word ‘Caribbean’ and to him it sounded much like Carib-bean (Carib-been). Camot was becoming excited. It was difficult to hear more of the conversation because of the noisy approaching train, but Camot felt that his chances of going to the place of his dreams were increasing.

Camot was sure that the lady was basking in the idea of going to a place called the Caribbean. She had mentioned something about going island hopping in the sunshine while wearing lovely colorful dresses. Well, this sounded much like some of what he had seen in the brochure and Camot was eager to return to his carrying case to look at the brochure again. Today he would take a fresh look at all these strange words and amazing pictures.

One day while relaxing between shots, a thought came to his mind. 

“Island hopping, Island hopping!’ he exclaimed. 

It was only at this point that Camot realized that it was the word. 

“Dang, it is not Is- Lands (Eez-lands), it is Islands!” 

He clicked. “Oh ho, Caribbean Islands! Now that makes sense. So we go hopping from island to island, hmm…” 

Camot could not imagine this lady ‘island hopping’ in her high heels.

“Maybe she meant Island shopping” he laughed. Camot imagined himself doing anything in the Caribbean as long as he was surrounded by such abundant beauty. In his trance, pretending to be island hopping, Camot forgot that he was on his monopod and landed straight on his face. He broke his lens.

The days which followed were boring, especially without his lens. To make matters worse, no one mentioned his favorite words ‘Caribbean Islands’. It was all about that ceremony, the ring and honeymoon. Camot did not know what that word honeymoon meant either but he did not care. He was only interested in the Caribbean Islands.

After a few weeks of cold, dreary weather, Camot went through the rituals of the ceremony. He was given extra tasks as he had a brand new lens and he did it all, just because it was Tom’s big day. However, all that Camot could think of was the beauty of the Caribbean Islands. He had even memorized some of the islands’ names like An-gu-illa, An-ti-gu-a, Bahamas, Bar-ba-dos, Dominica, Grenada, Ja-ma-ica, and Trinidad. He made special efforts to learn the names of all the others although he was really puzzled by the ‘St.’ before some of the names. 

“Would it be S-T Lu-ci-a or ‘St’. Lu-ci-a?” he questioned himself. “English is truly a strange language” he laughed as he rolled his eyes upwards. He was glad that he could play the name game in his mind at the ceremony, just to pass the time away.

Camot’s greatest reward however came after the ceremony. As Tom hauled him away from the hands of his friend, Terry, and from the intense rice and petal throwing, Camot heard the words. He heard the words that he was longing to hear: Caribbean islands. Tom had whispered these words to Terry as he waved him good-bye. The next thing Camot knew he was on his way to the airport with Tom and the lady friend.

As Camot entered his carrying case this time, he felt a pang of intense excitement. He knew where he was headed. Island hopping or island shopping, he didn’t care as long as it was in the Caribbean. 

“New lens, sunshine, waterfalls, beaches, fresh breeze, exotic flora and fauna… yes,” thought Camot as he relaxed in his rest zone. 

Camot quickly dosed off into a deep and peaceful sleep. His dreams were mostly of him lying on the beach in his sunglasses and sipping fruit cocktails with soft foamy waves playing at his feet. “Carrrrr” snored Camot.


About the Author...

Grethel Joseph is from Dominica and has always enjoyed writing and sharing her writing with family and friends, be it poems, songs or stories. She enjoys working with children and likes the challenge of making up new bedtime stories to tell her young daughter. She has studied Psychology but hopes to dedicate more time to writing for children in the future.


About the Illustrator...

Destiny Maynard is 13 years old and from Barbados. Last year she attended the ArtSplash art camp in Barbados where she learned about pen and ink drawing and other media. Destiny has always loved drawing and has recently become interested in art inspired by Japanese anime. Destiny attends Harrison College, studies piano and likes to write poetry.

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  2. I like destiny's artwork. Very detailed for one so young.

  3. Interesting...never read a story from the point of view of a camera before. This could be developed in so many ways.

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