[Featured Illustrators] Michelle Alexander-Chin

Michelle Alexander-Chin
Trinidad and Tobago

"The Old Woman Speaks" is one of a set of illustrations from an unpublished children's book based on a story Michelle's grandmother used to tell her as a child. It is the tale of two young girls, one selfish and one kind, who go to the river to wash their clothes and meet an old beggar who is really an obeah woman in disguise. "How the Crab Got A Crack on Its Back" was featured in STAN, the quarterly newsletter of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. Michelle is still in the process of getting the book published and has hopes of having an exhibition in one of the established art galleries either as a solo artist or as part of a group.

Michelle on what Caribbean children's illustration means to her:

Children's Illustration allows me to express my creativity while combining my love for children, art and storytelling.  Although I have been trained primarily in art and don't have much of a literary background, I have always thought of my artwork as my way of telling stories.  The idea of being a Caribbean children's illustrator just makes the experience so much more meaningful as I believe that it is a tool that can help to foster a sense of Caribbean identity and lead to greater unity within our region.


Michelle Alexander-Chin is a Trinidadian artist with a degree in Visual Arts at the University of the West Indies. Her preference is fine art, however she has also pursued studies in design and design research. Michelle currently teaches Visual Art at Aranguez North Secondary School in Trinidad. She has a passion for art in all its forms but tends to gravitate toward acrylic painting. She is married with three daughters.

View more of Michelle's work here: and

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  1. I love the art..very realistic. Looking forward to reading the book one day since I too heard these stories at a young age.



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