[Featured Illustrators] Stacey Byer

Stacey Byer

Growing up in the Caribbean, storytelling was an integral part of Stacey's home culture. While the warmth of Caribbean days is reflected in her vivid, colourful paintings, the ghosts and demons of Caribbean lore inspire her darkly humorous illustrations.

The illustration titled "Reo's Shark Adventure" is about a little boy’s imagination. It was inspired by Stacey's little cousin Reo who adores sharks and was created for a story Stacey developed, Reo’s Shark Adventure, which she hopes to publish one day. The illustration "Reading Is Magic" captures the power of storytelling – that reading is magic. The little girl is enjoying her story so much, even the fireflies decide to pitch in!

Stacey on what Caribbean children’s illustration means to her:

"Caribbean children’s illustration has always been unique because of its rich cultural influences. I love that I can contribute to this area by drawing on my own childhood memories while putting a contemporary spin on things. I look forward to producing illustrations that can be faithful to this background but able to make that crossover to international markets."

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Stacey Byer is a Grenadian painter and illustrator with a BFA from the Ringling College of Art and Design. Stacey has never lost an opportunity to create art and has gone on to produce paintings for exhibitions in the Caribbean, America, the UK and Asia. She was featured in the first issue of ARC Magazine’s emerging artists line-up and was the co curator to Grenada's first all female art exhibition- WOMA. Her freelance work includes designing textiles, illustrating books and painting murals for both private and commercial clients. She hopes to join the ever growing list of published Caribbean authors one day.

View more of Stacey's work here: and

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  1. I love her style of's so rich.



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