The Earth's Water

by Summer Edward

The Earth is full of water.
Round earth of bright water,
clean water running through,
great oceans, belly-full of water,
deep, deep waters of the Earth.

The Earth swishes water in her apron,
holds her apron up to the clouds
and says: “Here, taste this.”
The clouds drink the Earth’s water,
bright clean water full of blue smiles.

Earth’s water sleeps in red clay,
sleeps quietly beneath sly deserts,
waits in tall boulders, hides in
tall mountains, pumps through dark roots,
circles the earth in running rivers,
travels anywhere, everywhere.

The Earth is full of water,
kingdoms of water
rich with sunken treasures.
Freedom water touching dry lands,
rocking old fishermen’s boats
with promises of tomorrow.


About the Author...

Summer Edward was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She is a writer, poet and aspiring children's author. Her poems and art have appeared in St. Somewhere Journal, tongues of the ocean, First Reads, BIM: Arts for the 21st Century, The Columbia Review and Philadelphia Stories. She lives in Philadelphia, USA.


About the Illustrator...

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné is a poet and artist from Trinidad. Her work has previously been published in Bim: Arts for the 21st Century, The Caribbean Writer, Anthurium, Small Axe Literary Salon, Poui: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing, Tongues of the Ocean, Canopic Jar, and St. Somewhere Journal.

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  1. Great ode to water. We seldom think of or remember the importance of this necessary element. Pitched at the right level for children. Good effort Summer.

  2. Thanks Scott, I appreciate that :)

  3. Terrific piece. Words and image work very well together.



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