Hyphen the Python

by Peter Taylor

Hyphen the Python
Left the zoo one sunny day,
Put his neck right through the railings
And just slithered on his way.

No one stopped him at the gatepost
By the sign that said, "We're closed!"
He just tip-toed past the Keeper
Like a spotted, smiling hose.

Hyphen travelled to the seashore
Where he met some friends for tea,
Took a taxi to the opera
And was snoring by Act Three!

No one noticed it when Hyphen
Slipped back home into his bed,
Fluffed his favourite yellow pillow,
Curled his tail around his head.

When the Keeper asked at breakfast,
"Hello, Hyphen ─ say, what's new?"
Hyphen yawned and winked his answer,
"Oh, not much, Bert. How about you?"


About the Author...

Peter Taylor has published Trainer, The Masons, and Aphorisms. He writes for children and adults and his poems have been published internationally in The Caterpillar Chronicles, Contemporary Verse 2, Frostwriting, The Glass Coin, nether, Open Minds, Phantom Kangaroo, Pirene’s Fountain, and StepAway Magazine. His experimental verse play on the Civil War, Antietam, won honourable mention in the 2010 War Poetry Contest in Northampton, Massachusetts. He lives in Aurora, Canada.

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