The Magic Rock

by Abadai Zoboi (8 years old)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in Mon Petit Village, a village in Haiti. Her name was Belle. Her name means “lovely” in Creole. Belle was just quiet and loved beautiful things in nature. Belle would always lie down in the water and just relax since she lived in a condo on Mon Petit Beach. She was 8 years old.

One day, Belle was watching TV in her room when a news report interrupted her show. The weatherman said, “We have some breaking news folks, an earthquake will hit the town! Get as much protection as possible!”

“Grandma, I’m worried about the earthquake,” Belle said.

“Well, I’ve been waiting for this moment,” Grandma replied.

“But it could destroy the whole village!”

“You’ll have the chance to find the magic rock!”

“The magic rock? What’s that for?” Belle asked.

“Go to the chamber of the magic rock, make a wish, and it will come true,” said Grandma.

“Where is the magic rock?”

“In the gold statue. Now hurry!” Grandma said.

So Belle got food, water, a sleeping bag, and extra set of clothes and leaves. She followed a map and traced her paths through the landmarks. When she got to the third landmark, she took a break. She ate a slice of coconut bread. Then, Belle met a friend during her break. She was a girl the same age as Belle. Her name was Pascale.

“What are you doing here?” asked Belle.

“I’m going on a journey to make a wish on the magic rock,” said Pascale.

“I’m going to the same exact place for the same exact reason. How about we go together,” Belle said.

It was dinner time. “Do you want some friend guava and plantain?” asked Belle. “I also brought some djon-djon to warm.”

“Let’s go get some firewood,” said Pascale.

So they gathered sticks, wood, and bark to set up the fire. They warmed the djon-djon and fried the guava and plantains.

“I have plates,” said Pascale.

Belle and Pascale got their food and they ate.

“Yum! What’s the recipe to this delicious djon-djon?” asked Pascale.

“You like it? This recipe was made three centuries ago by my great-grandma,” said Belle.

“This fried guava and plantains is so good. How do you make it?”

“You have to come to my house after the journey. My grandma will teach you,” Belle said.

“Cool,” Pascale said.

“Well, we’re on our last landmark,” Belle said.

“It should be up ahead,” Pascale said. “Let’s go!”

Belle and Pascale ran, ran, and ran until they got to the gold statue. Belle opened up a little door and saw the magic rock.

“I wish the village stays beautiful,” Belle and Pascale said. “We did it!”

That’s the story of the magic rock.


About the Author...

Abadai Zoboi is 8 years old and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently in the 4th grade. She is of Haitian, Trinidadian and Liberian descent.

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  1. This is fantastic for an 8 yr old. This child has far to go.

  2. That was wonderful! We are so proud of you!Ana.L and Eleanor.F



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