Bedtime Meditation for Children

by Grethel Joseph

Dreamer by Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné
You are now nice and clean. My little one has been soaked and lathered in the purest of water which came from the picturesque mountain where the rivers and streams bubble and make their way underground to meet you and caress you. You had a long day and now you are prepared to take your night’s rest and as you cuddle within your sun dried blanket all snugly and clean, I bade you good night.

Good night, mummy dearest. Good night. Now close your eyes and imagine all that is out there. The sun has now gone to rest after shining his light to make visible all the wonders of nature.

Today we saw the birds taking flight, we saw the cool dew upon the deep green leaves, we saw the most beautiful butterfly burgeon from a cocoon. We saw so much today. What an experience!

And our taste buds danced with delight as we bit into juicy mangoes, as we tasted a golden apple and ate grapes from along the seashore; the aroma from the over-ripe pine apples which perfumed the nearby garden was greeted by some busy bees. Even the drizzle of the rain was fun as we ran off playfully to hide from them.

However beauty continues to unfold even as Mr. Sun relaxes in preparation for a brand new day. Night is upon us in all his splendor, in harmony with the moon and the stars and the union is magnificent. We can now hear the sound of the crickets and the humming of our backyard brook as he lulls you off to a land of magical dreams. The leaves and the waters are particularly excited on this clear night as each star leaves its print upon them making night so colourful with glitters of all shades and sizes.

The fresh breeze through the window is the fairy of your imagination, tickling your feet and ruffling your blanket. The sounds from the outdoors is so comforting that you have no choice but to continue to smile; a smile which opens up your toy box of great memories. They are mostly of today, because it has been an exceedingly lovely day. You are dreaming of all that is beautiful, all that Mother Nature has blessed you with. Night and day has become one. For beauty unfolds either way and you are right in the middle; tucked in bed in the midst of natural beauty. So sweet dreams little one, sweet dreams.


About the Author...

Grethel Joseph is from Dominica and has always enjoyed writing and sharing her writing with family and friends, be it poems, songs or stories. She enjoys working with children and likes the challenge of making up new bedtime stories to tell her young daughter. She has studied Psychology but hopes to dedicate more time to writing for children in the future.

About the Illustrator...

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné is a poet and artist from Trinidad. Her poetry has previously been published in Bim: Arts for the 21st Century, The Caribbean Writer, Anthurium, Small Axe Literary Salon, Poui: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing, Tongues of the Ocean, Canopic Jar, and St. Somewhere Journal. Her art has also been featured in St. Somewhere Journal.

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