Best of Wadadli Pen: Mongoose in a Hole

by Keillia Mentor

Third place winner, 12 and under category, Wadadli Pen 2011.

One bright and early morning Griggs the mongoose found himself stuck in a very deep hole. Griggs tried and tried but could not find away to get out. He was feeling very tired and hungry. He had been on his way to breakfast before he found himself in this problem. He began to worry.

Griggs muttered to himself, "I wish someone would come along to help me out." Suddenly, he heard footsteps of someone passing; it was Mary.

"Help, help!" he yelled but Mary did not hear him. She went on her way.

He waited fearfully, listening carefully for more footsteps. A great deal of time had passed, his stomach began to growl. He thought of the sweet, fat chickens that were in Mrs. Carr's yard. He had been on his way there to steal one. Oh how he wished he had not thought of the plan to steal the chickens.

Again he heard footsteps. This time he shouted with all his might. "HELP! HELP!"

It was Insy the village pastor. "What are you doing down there?" Insy asked.

"I was on my way to help Mrs. Carr with the gardening before I fell," he lied.

Insy knew that Mrs. Carr was not fond of the mongoose because he had a habit of stealing her chickens. He knew that Griggs was lying. He decided to help him but thought of a way to teach him a lesson.

"I was just on my way there to help her as well," he said. "Let’s go together."

Griggs was free but wished that someone else had helped him. He had no choice. He followed Insy to Mrs. Carr's yard. He worked all day long looking hungrily from time to time on the fat sweet chickens that were in the yard around him. He sighed sadly. His plan had gone all wrong.


Keillia Mentor is from Antigua. She is a ten year old grade five student of the Buckley's Primary School. Keillia loves music as much as she loves reading. A member of the Le Chateau D'or Music Academy, she plays the guitar, recorder and pan. She spends a great deal of time reading and writing stories. She especially likes Anansi stories. Keillia is often found on a quiet day with a book.

Copyright of the winning Wadadli Youth Pen Prize stories and/or art work featured on this site belongs to the creators of the individual works. Anansesem's editors played no part in the Wadadli Pen judging process. Anansesem's editors have not edited or adjusted the stories or artwork in any way.

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