Best of Wadadli Pen: Preschool Days

by Ardis Lavelle

Third place winner, 13 to 17 category, Wadadli Pen 2011.

I ran across the classroom,
everyone's eyelids hiding wild, playful dreams.
Everyone but me that is!
My teachers call and run after me,
and I think it's a game.

I imagine I am in a cane field,
playing with the children of course.
A sudden rough touch ended my fantasy,
and sadly brought me back to reality.

Naptime, sigh.
It's every child's favourite time of day,
all but one!

I love the adventure, the thrill of the wind in my hair.
I'm not mischievous,
just a little playful.
Not troublesome,
but very adventurous .

A pirate upon the open seas,
might be the adventure tomorrow.
Maybe a ballerina, or singer on a big stage,
singing a song with Dora for mommy and daddy.

Oh! Snack time!
My favourite time of day.
Bananas, apples, gummy worms,
wash my hands then back to play.

Home, sweet home,
greeted with a mother’s smile.
Sweet big sister, with gentle eyes,
ok, maybe sometimes she's not very nice.

Country life, with chicken and pigs,
corn, sweet potato and my favourite cane.
It's fun being a two year old,
no homework or chores.
Just naps, food and fun,
in the Antigua sun.
Wow! It’s hot, as I start a new day,
of mischief and excitement of my preschool days.


Ardis Lavelle is 17 years old and attends Antigua State College. She previously won the Antigua Sailing Week art competition.

Copyright of the winning Wadadli Youth Pen Prize stories and/or art work featured on this site belongs to the creators of the individual works. Anansesem's editors played no part in the Wadadli Pen judging process. Anansesem's editors have not edited or adjusted the stories or artwork in any way.

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