Daddy Who

by Solace Mills

Grace and Violet by Dirk Joseph
Daddy who makes fragile promises, sealed with the joining of pinkies.
And asks what he can buy to be forgiven when they are broken, which they all eventually are.
Who is sometimes forgetful.
Who is sometimes hurtful, despite no intention of being so.
Whose arms, smile…everything I yearn for.
Is too busy, too tired, too something, too anything to come and visit me today.
Who tells me I am his princess, his baby girl.
Who tells me I am his everything, his only light in this dark world.
Whose presence is a flickering fluorescent light in my life; on and off, now he’s here then he’s not
Can’t seem to find the time to see me or the toys to appease me.
Who used to tuck me in at night, wishing me sweet dreams and telling me don’t let the bed bugs bite.
Is petty.
Is mean.
Is and probably always will be everything to me.
Doesn’t call, doesn’t write, doesn’t kiss me goodnight.
Is playing the blame game.
Who says it’s Mommy’s fault when at least partially… it’s really not.
Is making me cry, making me sad.
Who makes me wonder if I’ve done something bad.
Is with his new family, he has his new wife, his new baby, his new…life?
Leaving me
Asking does Daddy still love me, will he ever kiss me goodnight again?


About the Author

Solace Mills is fifteen years old and from St.Catherine, Jamaica. Her favourite books are Push by Sapphire, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, Candide by Voltaire and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Her hobbies include dance, singing, writing, blogging and color guard. She attends Southwest Miami Senior High School where she is a sophomore, soon-to-be junior.

About the Illustrator

Dirk Joseph is an artist and art teacher. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he grew up in New York, USA. For almost 20 years, he has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer (off and on) and taught art in public schools, libraries, colleges, and community centers in New York and Maryland. He has exhibited his work at numerous galleries, museums, restaurants, and cultural centers in NY, MD, and Canada. His artwork and articles have been published African Voices, Exit The Apple ezine, New York Times, Brooklyn Times, What Weekly e-zine, Baltimore Times, and other periodicals. Dirk lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his two daughters and wife Mirlande Jean-Gilles, a first generation Haitian-American writer and poet. They are presently collaborating on a children's story series.

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