Dreams and Experience: Illustrations by Dirk Joseph

by Dirk Joseph

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About the Artwork
The above pieces (acrylic on canvas) are stand-alone works of art with narratives of their own. "Communion" depicts a person in meditative communication with the spirit of nature. "Evokation" was created as part of a narrative in which the glowing butterflies and birds emerge from the fire as prayers that find their way into the souls of people sleeping in a distant city. The "Naked Eyes" piece describes a peering into a spiritual dimension whose shadows move through the world of the visible, while "Reason for the Tide" is an image from an in-progress adventure story involving a fish who makes a daring night jump out of the water and is infused by a new awareness of the moon and tide. The fish returns to its group to share the newly-found knowledge.

Dirk’s art aims at illustrating relationships between individuals and environment. Nature is often figured prominently with direct focus on interconnectivity. As for his inspiration, Dirk states: “I am inspired by everything, but particularly the beliefs of indigenous cultures around the world and the challenge of modern industrial culture to evolve to a more wholesome relationship with the rest of the earth.”


About the Illustrator...

Dirk Joseph is an artist and art teacher. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he grew up in New York, USA. For almost 20 years, he has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer (off and on) and taught art in public schools, libraries, colleges, and community centers in New York and Maryland. He has exhibited his work at numerous galleries, museums, restaurants, and cultural centers in NY, MD, and Canada. His artwork and articles have been published African Voices, Exit The Apple ezine, New York Times, Brooklyn Times, What Weekly e-zine, Baltimore Times, and other periodicals. Dirk lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his two daughters and wife Mirlande Jean-Gilles, a first generation Haitian-American writer and poet. They are presently collaborating on a children's story series.

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