[Featured Illustrators] Jo-Anne Mason

Jo-Anne Mason

Jo-Anne uses the real experiences and behaviours of the people and animals of the Caribbean to write and illustrate her stories. The featured illustrations are from her books Trixy The Monkey That Ate Nevis and The Perfect ShellTrixy The Monkey That Ate Nevis is her third book, inspired by the green vervet monkeys that live on the island of Nevis. The Perfect Shell, her latest book, is about Hattie the hermit crab who lives on St. Martin/Saint Maarten and searches for the perfect shell.

The illustration titled "Trixy is Naughty" depicts Trixy the vervet monkey, stealing vegetables from a farmer's garden, while the illustration "Trixy is Bad Again" shows Trixy being scolded for stealing vegetables. In the illustration "Hattie is Scolded", Hattie the hermit crab listens as an older crab gives her sound advice.

Jo-Anne on what Caribbean children's illustration means to her: 

"I have lived on Anguilla for over 20 years and continue to discover interesting people, places and creatures of the Caribbean island chain. My goal with these books is to amuse and educate children of the islands and visitors to our islands about all there is to experience in the Caribbean. By choosing an island character I can focus on what that island has to offer. My illustrations include real places on the island to tie fantasy to reality. In my last two books I have also included information about the creatures in the book and about the island featured in the book."


Jo-Anne is an author, artist and illustrator from Anguilla. Her first book was a series of artwork created on a computer using a digital art program; she has continued to use the digital medium to create all of her books. Her published children's books include Seven Days on Anguilla, Paddy the Goat that Saved Anguilla, Trixy: The Monkey That Ate Nevis and The Perfect Shell.

View more of Jo-Anne's work here:

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  1. Your work is incredible...Sunset is absolutely gorgeous, and I already love Trixy!

  2. Thank you so much and what a wonderful job Anansesem did displaying my work!



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