by Indira Sammy

Green and yellow parrots flying by.
Long orange carrots for sale catch my eye.
Black birds on the guava tree.
Purple ribbons on the bicycle passing me.
Red and blue mad bull soaring in the savannah.
People eating golden brown pholourie and some eating channa.
Red, yellow and green snow-cone from the snow-cone man,
Armed with a white tin of condensed in his hand.
Pink cotton candy, mint green and sky blue.
Violet and indigo pinwheels spinning endlessly too.
A beautiful rainbow arched in the sky,
A rainbow full of colours, which ones do you spy?


About the author...

Indira Sammy is from Trinidad and Tobago. She recently completed an MSc. in Financial Management. Her true passion is writing and she enjoys writing Caribbean stories that children can enjoy. Indira's kids are her greatest inspiration.

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  1. I loved the poem. I will share it with a colleague that now teaches Children's Lit this semester.



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