The Coqui Song

by Carmen Milagros Torres

Quiqui Coqui lived near a river in El Yunque. He was sad because the other coquis wouldn’t let him sing. They said, “Your song is too soft.”

One night a light appeared. Quiqui was scared and hid.

“Don’t be afraid. Come outside,” a voice said.

Quiqui went to the rock. He saw a beautiful woman. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I am the moon. Why don’t you sing?”

”The other coquis say the moon won’t like my soft song.”

The moon answered, “But I do. Everyone is not the same. Some stars are big, some are small. Some are white, some are blue.”

Quiqui looked at the sky. “It’s true! All the stars are different.”

The moon said, “Remember to sing. Your song is also beautiful.”

The next night all the coquis sang KO-KEE, KO-KEE. And Quiqui answered ko-kee-kee-kee-kee.

Now the moon is very happy whenever Quiqui sings with his friends.


About the author...

Carmen Milagros Torres is a professor at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. She is currently completing a PhD in Caribbean Linguistics. Her interests include photography, crocheting and reading children's literature, especially Caribbean children's books which highlight the Afro-Caribbean experience.

About the illustrator...

Erick Ortiz Gelpi is a plastic artist and visual arts teacher from Peñuelas, Puerto Rico. He has participated in numerous collective and individual art expositions. His illustrations have appeared in The Caribbean Voice newspaper published in New York.

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