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Leizelle's unpublished picturebook, Poppitz: The Frog Who Flew is "a story about believing in your dreams and never giving up." Poppitz the frog desperately wishes he could fly. Will he find a way to fulfill his dream? Wishes, the book suggests, do come true but not always in the way we expect!

The illustrations in Poppitz were first sketched by hand and then digitally inked on a computer to produce the cartoonesque vector illustrations in the book. In the illustration titled "Poppitz and the Chicken", Poppitz shares his dream of flying with a chicken who laughs at the idea, while "Poppitz Does Some Sewing" shows Poppitz putting his plan into action. In "The Fly is Puzzled" a fly tries to figure out how to get out of its, err, predicament (well frogs do eat flies you know!) You can read the entire story of Poppitz: The Frog Who Flew  online.

Poppitz and the Chicken

Poppitz Does Some Sewing

The Fly is Puzzled

Leizelle on what Caribbean children's illustration means to her:

For me, Caribbean children’s illustration means an opportunity to tell our stories, the stories of a people from various cultural backgrounds, the story of our heritage. We are a growing community and I feel very blessed to be a part of this melting pot.


Leizelle Guinness is an Illustrator and Art Director from Trinidad and Tobago. Her style, she says, is "a reflection of my life experiences and a wide assortment of music." In 2008, her children's animation, Chootsies, won the Adobe Photoshop People’s Choice award. She illustrated the picturebook The Promise of the Pawi, her first children's book project, for the Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad. Poppitz: The Frog Who Flew, her second children's book project, she both wrote and illustrated herself. Recently, Leizelle's short film Pothound, co-created with her husband Christopher Guinness and shot and filmed in Trinidad, won 8 international independent filmmaker awards and was a finalist at the Vimeo Festival Awards.

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  1. I love her illustrations. Will certainly read Poppitz.



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