Illustration Spotlight: Brianna McCarthy

by Brianna McCarthy

About I Knew, I Know, I Thought

The above pieces are currently being shown at Softbox Studios in Trinidad. For the artist, they speak to the need for her to find solid ground, anchoring and peace of mind. The women's closed eyes are the artist using her less-used senses and depending more on the perceptive and instinctive aspects of self. The images were meant to be strong, graphic and bold while not compromising the artist's penchant for detail. 


About the illustrator...

Brianna McCarthy is an artist who works in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2005 she exhibited work as part of the Trinidadian delegation to Venezuela for the Festival of Youth and Students XVI. In 2008 she showed a collection of drawings and paintings in a group exhibition at the Alice Yard in Trinidad and began an ongoing online exhibition of her work at In 2009, her "12 Girls" was presented at Trinidad's Erotic Art Week, at the Brooklyn Bar Gallery. She worked on a collaborative project, "Cc: Everybody" with artist, Rodell Warner. Cc:Everybody explores the modern dichotomy and interrelation between our public and private spaces and was shown in Trinidad Erotic Art Week in July, 2010. Brianna also collaborated with The Cloth Design Company for Trinidad Fashion Week 2010 in May 2010.

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