Illustrations from 'How the Crab Got A Crack On Its Back'

by Michelle Alexander-Chin

About How the Crab Got A Crack On Its Back 

How the Crab Got A Crack on Its Back is an unpublished children's book based on a story the author's grandmother used to tell her as a child. It is the tale of two young girls, one selfish and one kind, who go to the river to wash their clothes and meet an old beggar who is really an obeah woman in disguise. How the Crab Got A Crack on Its Back was featured in STAN, the quarterly newsletter of the University of the West Indies. The author-illustrator is still in the process of getting the book published and has hopes of having an exhibition in one of the established art galleries either as a solo artist or as part of a group.


About the author-illustrator...

Michelle Alexander-Chin is from Trinidad and Tobago. She is currently pursuing her degree in Visual Arts at the University of the West Indies. Her preference is fine art, however she has also pursued studies in design and design research. Michelle currently teaches Visual Art at Aranguez North Secondary School in Trinidad. She has a passion for art in all its forms but tends to gravitate toward acrylic painting. She is married with three daughters.

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