An Anansi Warning

by Effie Quansah-George (9 years old)

People think you are scary,
Anansi Spider by Ida Mwangi
but I find you are sweet.
They say you bring me good luck
like an apple falling from a tree.

Black, brown and scary,
and sometimes, thin, skinny and hairy.

I see you in your web
spinning silk and tales,
leaving mysterious words of different trails,
sharing stories all around the world.

Fiction or fact?
Anansi... please cut me some slack!


About the author

Effie Quansah-George is nine years old and lives in England. Her mother is Ghanaian and her father is from Grenada. She has three older brothers and a niece who is two years old.  She enjoys Physical Education, English (especially reading and writing poetry), Science, Design and Technology, and ICT at school. Effie loves sports, dancing, fashion, and being part of the Writing, Acting and Publishing Project for Youngsters (WAPPY). In the future she would like to be a fashion designer. Her poem, 'Haiti' was published in 'The Soul of a Child' when she was seven.

About the illustrator

Ida Mwangi is ten years old and has a young brother who is six. She enjoys writing, English, maths,  singing, dancing, sports, drama, art, and reading a lot. When she grows up, she would like to be a lawyer and make lots of money! Her parents are from Kenya and she lives in London, England.

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  1. I just love your poem. Amazing. I am taking a Caribbean Literature class in Puerto Rico and will share it will all my classmates. Keep writing!!

    Ida... loved your version of Anansi :-)



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