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Danielle C. McManus-Sladek's self-published e-picturebook, My Grandma's Journey is a fictional story inspired by her grandmother, Evelyn Brissette's, journey from Jamaica. It tells of Evelyn's adventure on a ship destined to America when she was seven years old, and her special friendship with a girl named Edna Marsh. You can preview My Grandma's Journey on

In the illustration "Evelyn Leaves Kingston", a sad Evelyn is held in the arms of her mother Edith as she waves goodbye to friends and family. For this illustration McManus-Sladek used watercolor, pastels, and brown sepia ink outlines. She channeled her own memories of moving across town as a child in creating this illustration.

The illustration "Evelyn Remembers" shows Evelyn thinking about all the things she left at home including her cat, Murry; Evelyn is flying back to Jamaica with her favorite blanket that her mother made her. Her blanket reminds her of home and the smell of home. McManus-Sladek used cut-out paper along with watercolors, colored pencils, and sepia ink.

Evelyn Leaves Kingston

Evelyn Remembers

Danielle on what Caribbean children's illustration means to her:

Caribbean children's illustration means education and history to me. I think it is important to educate everyone about different cultures other than your own and to educate yourself about your own culture as well. I have noticed there are many negative depictions of the Caribbean and definitely a lack of children's books that speak about it in a positive and beautiful way. It is important to me as an illustrator and author to educate children and adults about a culture that is both special and meaningful."


Danielle C. McManus-Sladek is of Jamaican descent and currently resides in New York where she works as a freelance illustrator. Some of her clients include Crain's New York Business, Easy Spirit/Jones Apparel, MacsWomen, and Lam Design. She has currently written and illustrated five children's books. Presently her work is being shown at Mystic Seaport in the exhibit entitled, 'Restoring a Past, Charting a Future.' As an ambitious artist and entrepreneur, she launched her children's book company, Little Timeless Tales, and a greeting card store on Etsy.

View more of Danielle's work here:

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