by Conrad Burdekin
Doggie Hug by Lilian Fitchett

Hugs from granny are chin-spiky,
finger-wrinkly, bone-creaky.
Hugs from grandad are hair-ruffly,
pat-on-the-back-y, pinch-my-cheeky.
Hugs from my dog are extra smelly,
super slobbery, tail-waggly.
Hugs from my dad are spinny and dizzy,
high up and whizzy, squashy and squeezy.
Hugs from my mum are safe-feely,
soft and cuddly, fall-asleepy;
these hugs are best-of-all-y!


About the author...

Conrad Burdekin holds a degree in English Literature from the University of South Africa and is the author of two poetry books for children, The Hungrumptious Blumpfh and Teachers Pick their Noses. He lives in Yorkshire, England.

About the Illustrator...

Lilian Fitchett was born in Sheffield, England in 1969. She studied art at Barnsley college before moving south to study art and fashion. She has always had a passion for art and was thrilled when she landed a job in Barnsley teaching art to primary school children full time. She paints scenery for school productions, and draws and paints in her spare time. She is the illustrator of two collections of children's poetry, Hungrumptious Blumpfh and Teachers Pick their Noses, both by Conrad Burdekin. She is married with three very creative children and enjoys spending time with her wonderful family.

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