No One Can Outrun Bolt

by Benjamin Jasinski-Eshun (age 14)

Bolt beaten! Defeated!
By this...Yohan Blake!
Twice! That isn’t nice.

But wait!
Bolt strikes back
and wins back his glory.
His defeats in the trials were
only temporary.

His performance varies,
not in the best of shape
at that time.
But Bolt knew he would be fine.
This was just a warm up for him
and his rival/friend.
He was well aware
he'd be running again.

He knew he would win
and he did.
Outrunning all other men.
For in the trials,
there was only a little fault with Usain Bolt.


About the author...

Benjamin Jasinski-Eshun is fourteen years old and is in Year 10 at high school. He likes creative writing, acting, music, drama, basketball, and researching certain topics of interest. He was born in London and is of Ghanaian and Polish parentage. He had two poems published in The Soul of a Child as well as his artwork.

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