by Goldie Alexander

There's this boy in my class.
He mucks around all the time.
Can't listen, stay quiet,
or read. His writing’s a mess.
Grant's always in trouble.

Thick brown hair. Freckles. Funny thumbs.
Button eyes too close together.
Kids call him ‘Stupid’ and ‘Fatty.’
Sometimes he hits back.
Grant’s always in trouble.

His best thing is DVD's.
He knows everything about Lord of the Rings.
Everything. He talks a lot.
I won’t sit next to him. When I do
I’m always in trouble.

Most days Ms. Brown puts him in the corridor.
“That boy’s a problem,” she snaps.
“Never listens. Can't stop fidgeting.”
Mrs. Stead agrees. “Should be at another school.”
Grant's always in trouble.

Our class holds a competition:
“Who can tell most about Lord of the Rings?”
“I know lots,” Grant cries. “It’s my best thing.”
But Ms. Brown sends him to the Principal for yelling in class.
Grant's always in trouble.

“Golem,” says someone.
“What else?” Ms Brown asks.
“Bilbo Baggins!” “Frodo!” “Mordor!”
We try hard. No one wins.
Grant knows everything about Lord of the Rings.
But he's not here. He’s always in trouble.


About the author...

Goldie Alexander is an Australian author of books for both adults and children of all ages. Her latest novels for young adults include Lilbet’s Romance and the sequel, Dessi’s Romance. Her historical fiction includes My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove, now in its 10th edition, and The Youngest Cameleer about the finding of Uluru in 1873. Amongst her other works are three collections of short stories for young readers. She also writes scripts and non-fiction. Her website is

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