May 2013 Issue

Gooseberry by Cherise Ward
Contributions by the Young at Heart


• Auntie Cheryl's Birds by Sarah Venable

• Pipe Dream by Carol Sammy

• Rolling Calf by Lisa Dunn

• The Bird Who Saved His Food by Tammi Browne-Bannister

The Caterpillar That was Afraid of the Cocoon by Latoya Wakefield


• The Hippocatamus by Sarah Venable

My Wish Quilt by Summer Edward


• Bridges that Lead to the Past: Testimonial Tales in Children’s Literature by Keila Alemán

Identity Markers in Educational Material for Language Arts by Alma Rivera-Collazo


• Auntie Cheryl by Nakazzi Hutchinson

• Birds behind bars by Cheryl Hutchinson

• Chased by Gary Dunn

Illustrations from Fruits and Fantasy by Featured Illustrator, Cherise Ward

• Illustrations from Look Back! by Featured Illustrator, Caroline Binch

• Irie and Grandma by Kavion Robinson

• Irie the Caterpillar by Kavion Robinson

Quilt by Summer Edward

• Wild bird visiting in tree by Cheryl Hutchinson

Guests from Around the World

• A London Building  by Leika Boundy (illustration, 8 years old)

• Beauty of the Caribbean  by Maisa Abed (illustration, 11 years old)

• Mama's Laughter  by Elayne Ogbeta (poetry)

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  1. That piece of Cover art is wonderful. I would certainly buy that. On teh whole teh contents look exciting..can't wait to read, see adn enjoy.

    Thanks Summer and team.

  2. You're welcome Juliet! Thanks for the feedback.

  3. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    What a Beautiful Image.



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