Mama’s Laughter

by Elayne Ogbeta

Mama’s laughter starts from her toes
Beauty of the Caribbean by Maisa Abed
Travels up to her belly, then overflows.

Mama’s laughter can fly very high
Through the clouds and past the sky;

How far it flies? I do not know,
Then gently falls like tear-drops slow. 

Mama’s laughter is crazy by far
Than a hundred hyenas at a bazaar,

And just like when a monkey climbs
Her laughter swings from time to time.

Sometimes she giggles like a child
Or roars with laughter like a lion wild.

Laughter when mama fixes my bike,
Laughter for breakfast and stories at night.

No shadows lurking in the dark
When Mama’s laughter makes its mark!

When I hear her laughter from my room,
It takes my dreams up to the moon.

Even on the moon, Mama’s laughter’s there;
I can hear it dancing in the air.

Mama’s laughter through the rain
Can surely bring the sun again,

And then a rainbow I will see;
Mama’s laugh has that effect on me.

Mama’s laughter makes beautiful art,
A beauty that comes from mama’s heart.

And even when Mama’s not there,
I can hear her laughter everywhere!


About the author

Elayne Ogbeta lives in Salford, Manchester UK with two bubbly children and a supportive hubby. Ever since she was ten years old, she knew she wanted to be a writer. She is a freelance children’s writer and also designs greeting cards. She studied MA Creative Writing for Children at Manchester Metropolitan University.  She is the author of Anansi & The Dutchy Pot (Author House, 2011), and her work has appeared in anthologies including: Mama Blew a Kiss - Happily Ever After - A Creative Collection for Children (Forward Press, 2011); Rapunzel, Rapunzel - Shangwe Hair & Skin Anthology (2010); Bath-time Bubbles- A Collection of Poems for Children (Forward Press, 2009); and Rapunzel, Rapunzel - Hair, A Journey into the Afro & Asian Experience (Suitcase Press, 2006).

About the illustrator

Maisa Abed is 11 years old. She was born in London to Iraqi parents and she is in Year 7. Her hobbies are reading, studying science, playing the piano and art. 

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  1. What is it about this poem that touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye? Maybe because I have a mother and I am a mother, and the chord between mothers and children is forever tender



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