My Wish Quilt

by Summer Edward

Quilt by Summer Edward
I like to dream,
just me and what I think.
I see from outside looking in,
all my funny thoughts,
some of them strange.

I can do my own dreaming
anywhere, any time.
I have all the yarn I need,
pieces of the story inside
to stitch the dream
together like a quilt,
my wish quilt.

I like to dream 
my wish quilt full of words
I choose, heroes I invent.
My mind sends me postcards,
places new or real in life.
The places are mine now.
What I dream I own;
I’m in charge.

I like to dream
when I’m all alone,
in class not listening at all,
on the bus looking out.
My stories have patterns
full of guessing.

Shake out
the wish quilt
of pictures in my head
moving more
than pictures outside.


About the Author...

Summer Edward is the Founder and Managing Editor of Anansesem. Her poems, fiction and art have been published in tongues of the ocean, BIM: Arts for the 21st Century, St. Somewhere, Philadelphia Stories, The Columbia Review, Obsidian: Literature in The African Diaspora, The Caribbean Writer and more. She is currently at work on several picturebook manuscripts.

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