Jammin’ in Jamrock

by Latoya Wakefield

Tick Tock,
There goes the clock;
It’s time to get up, up, up
And have some fun in Jamrock!

Another Day;
Let’s give thanks and praise
Before we go to the beach
To eat, dance and play.

In the sun rays, we glow
Rocking our heads from side to side
Listen, do you hear that tune?
Let’s sing along too:
Jamaica sunshine, Jamaica sunshine!
Shine on me, shine on me!

“Coo deh!” someone says;
a brown furry thing just ran by.
Is it a big rat, squirrel, raccoon??
“No,” another says “It’s a mangoose”

Soon coconut jelly arrives
We sip; aaahhhhh.
Then we splash in the big, deep blue,
Everyone that passes by
Greets us and smiles.
Everything irie mon, everything nice.


Latoya Wakefield works in the hospitality industry but writing is her forever love. Her story, "The Caterpillar That was Afraid of the Cocoon", first published in the May 2013 issue of Anansesem, was recently published by Bamboo Talk Press as the picturebook Irie the Caterpillar. She lives in Jamaica.

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