by Patricia Whittle

The Intelligent Iguana by Sayada Ramdial
Den a how dis ya tess so hard?
Teacher never teachi, for mi study a yard.
But how dem gi wi wa dem no teach Miss?
Sey mi fi shut up for a exam dis?

Miss mi nah look pon nobaddy paper!
Gwan mark up mi paper for mi no kya.
Afta dem gi wi tess pon wa dem no teach
Dem come tell lie bout people a cheat.

Teck di paper Miss, an gwan!
A so all a unnu carry awn
Bout Principal wi deal wid mi behaviour!
A pure foolishness a gwan ya!

About the Author

Patricia Whittle is a Jamaican librarian and a teacher of English Literature. She writes stories, plays and poems. She is the author of two books, Johnny, Mass Tom and the Fatal Error: Three Short Plays and Mi Waan Fi Publish A Book: An Anthology Of Jamaican Dialect Poems.

About the Illustrator

Sayada Ramdial is an illustrator and graphic artist from Trinidad and Tobago. She is the artist behind "Designed For A Smile", a line of greeting cards celebrating the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago Christmas. In 2012, she graduated with honours from SCAD, University for Creative Careers, where she earned her B.F.A in Illustration, with a minor in Drawing.

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